I can’t believe that someone wants to just order stuff on line and not see the product and ask questions. The Cobblestone store is a very nice place where I can go and see and feel what you are actually getting. Very relaxed and not pushy atmosphere.

Robin Nenu

Outstanding, Tremendous selection that you can touch and taken home to try, and at competitive prices. Commenters claiming huge gaps in prices with the internet are most likely comparing apples to oranges in terms of quality (e.g., online I found a much cheaper cabinet pull that looked identical to the one i liked at cobblestone, but the internet pull turned out to be hollow and i needed the strength of a solid for that application; sidebar, i later found the hollow version at cobblestone as well for the same hollow internet price). Ended up buying from cobblestone and the product was perfect and delivered quickly. they offer(ed) a rolling or cumulative quantity discount where you get 10% off for a rolling year as long as, you purchase, i believe, $1k (which can be a total across multiple purchases within a year, not just for a single purchase).

Timothy Heath

We have purchased many items from Cobblestone Court during our remodeling projects. Their huge selection makes finding what we want no problem! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and gives us the attention we need to make the right decision for our decor.

Arthur Dryce

Cobblestone Court has 5 stars from our family!! We highly recommend Cobblestone Court to anyone looking for a wide variety of products, with excellent customer service. All of our purchases have been great quality, fairly priced, and timely. Their staff is excellent with returning calls and email response. We will recommend this family owned business to all of our friends and family. Cobblestone Court offers an excellent array of products with a knowledgeable, supportive, and caring staff. Cobblestone Court quickly became our source during our master bath remodel. We purchased our Toto toilet, Thermasol Steam Shower, shower fixtures, cabinet hardware, BainUltra spa bathtub, tub and vanity fixtures, and more from this great local business. Thank you to all of the talented and helpful staff!

Jacqui DiMarco

In a age where customer service is sadly becoming obsolete I have to give big kudos to Cobblestone court. We purchased most of our items for our kitchen renovation years ago from there and loved the service and attention they gave us to help us pick the perfect items for our home. I was even more pleasantly surprised when I went back to look at replacing our kitchen faucet and to see if they repair or have parts for a soap dispenser. After more than 5 years they were able to replace our kitchen faucet and replace the soap dispenser. I’m thrilled I don’t have to have the faucet entirely replaced. THANK YOU!!!! Your customer service and kindness is truly appreciated..Alisha Thank you so much. I received both replacement parts and I’m so happy I stopped in just to inquire. You helped us avoid the cost and mess of replacing the kitchen faucet…Much appreciated!!!!!!!!

Mary Hadges Yiallouros

Yesterday I had the hardest time finding water closets for one of our customers. The request was so specific that it really started to seem impossible. Through it all I may have had to make 30 calls, sometimes repetitively. Please accept this email as my thanks to you and your company for all of your help. I know that you don’t just sit around waiting for me to make a request, but the amount of attention I was showed yesterday begs to differ. If there is EVER, A N Y T H I N G, that I can do, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. Thanks again. 

Monique King

Cobblestone Court is by far the best in the business! They have a huge selection of elegant fixtures for both baths and kitchens as well other unique cool decor. The stuff is very friendly and helpful. They help turn your house into a home. Truly a pleasurable experience!

Jonathan Fanning

I love shopping this store because it has everything from the nostalgic stuff I remember as a kid, to the modern high tech stuff you see on television! If I can’t find it in the store, the staff is always patient enough to search through catalogs to help me find just the piece I’m looking for. Great family owned company that treats you like a person, not a number.

Ted Del Sardo

This is a great place to find rare and interesting door and cabinet hardware. The new mirrors and vanities with TV’s built in are awesome as well. Before you remodel your kitchen or bath make sure you stop in to see what they have to offer. They have an impressive selection!

Chris Everingham
Everingham Electric

My experience at Cobblestone Court was genuinely very positive. There are so many elegant cabinet door knobs, vanities, and so much more. Such a beautiful store. It was also a very relaxed atmosphere and the people working there were very friendly and professional. There is something there for every room. I would recommend it to anyone looking to add some life to there home.

Tomily Bourgoing
Bourgoing Painting, LLC

I am the owner of Avery Construction, specializing in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling and I send every one of our clients to Cobblestone Court to pick out there parts for our remodels. This family owned business provides a level of service far superior to that of the typical plumbing box stores and the prices are just as competitive. I am constantly getting raving reviews from my Clients. Melissa Allen and her staff help me look good. When I remodeled my own master bathroom, I also bought my own parts here, including a shower valve with diverter, a rain-head, a hand-held on an adjustable slide bar, 2 faucets and 2 sinks, a toilet, and a bathtub valve with a hand-held devise too. My wife and I absolutely love them all.

Jason Avery
Avery Construction

Aleshia was so patient and helpful. They have such a great selection of all kinds of hardware. Wish I had more places I needed to decorate! Very fun.

Laura Todd

I love the shower-head that I purchased at Cobblestone Court. The way that I found this shower-head was that I was able to sample the shower-heads at the store. The staff had the knowledge to explain the differences between the varying shower-heads. Not only did Cobblestone Court exceed what I had expected but it was also at a reasonable price. I love my shower-head and I never would have found it if it were not for this store. I will definitely return to Cobblestone Court for my future needs.

Mark Wiseman

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